Monday, August 30, 2010

Are you a night clubber, club houser or greasy spoon local yokel?

After an informal audit of my Big Three social network usage - LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter - I was a little surprised to see that I use LinkedIn and Facebook way more than I use Twitter. I asked myself why and the best answer I could muster was that Twitter is just too loud. Thinking some more about it, I concluded that, if these three online hangouts had "real world" equivalents, Twitter would be like that loud pick up joint you frequented in college - fine for meeting new people, but ultimately characterized by superficiality and brashness. Facebook is the greasy spoon diner you went to with your dorm and study buddies at 2 AM for a pitcher of coffee and a Western omelet and LinkedIn would be the clubhouse where you pretend to be important and rub elbows with other pretenders (pardon the cynicism). So, I guess this means that, when it comes to online social genuineness, Facebook is where its at - for me anyway.

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