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Greg Wallace

I believe that now is both the most amazing and the most challenging time to be a marketer.  

Amazing because marketers at any company, no matter how small, enjoy an endless array of cost-effective opportunities to reach customers on the customers' preferred mediums.  And with an equally endless array of data available, we can constantly test and improve.  

Challenging because the Internet and social media have irrevocably placed customers in charge.  Study after study show how customers are going deeper into the sales cycle all the time before reaching out to a salesperson.  Product and company reviews abound. Today, there is no place for the under performing company to hide.  

Only companies that "get" this new reality, focus on doing what they can uniquely do best and authentically engage with their customers, advocates and partners to build virtuous ecosystems, will thrive. 

This is why I concluded that the only career for me is as a B2B marketing consultant.  It is what I love, what I am uniquely great at and what I love to work with people on, talk about and share.  

A few other things I believe:
  • Fake it 'til you make it is dead
  • In Today's flat and naked world, fairness is a business imperative - when it is not adhered to consistently, outcomes will suffer
  • Having fun is vital

How I work

I focus on results.  I know - everyone says that.  You can know that I mean it because I will proactively remove barriers to achieving the marketing results you seek.  For instance, if I don't think I am the right person to help you, I'll tell you.  And if I think you're headed in the wrong direction, I'll tell you that, too.  And if I think we need to bring in specialized expertise to support a particular need, I will recommend that.  I will always be respectfully honest with you - maybe more honest than you're accustomed to.

Your first 5 hours with me as a prospective client are free.

What I do

I help companies build authentic, effective marketing content and programs - from the highest level strategy down to the most minute level of programmatic details - that engage with their ideal buyers and motivate the desired action.  I have extensive experience with all the following:  building ideal buyer profiles, lead strategy (online/offline programs for generation, rules and processes for distribution, including automation), go to market strategy, channel strategy, partner recruitment, channel programs, email marketing, content marketing, community building.

More About Me

I earned my MBA and Master of International Affairs degrees from Columbia University in 1999.  I earned my AB in Economics and Political Science, Cum Laude, from Albright College in 1992.  I was honored to receive a Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship in 1995 to study at the University of Barcelona, Spain.  I speak Spanish and a little Catalan.  

I'll be happy to work on a project or hourly basis. 

Please check out my LinkedIn profile for more details and to see my recommendations.  

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